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    Kids hate to be laughed at, but they certainly love intellectual challenges to confront their friends.  The churches in America are dying because they’re losing the kids, the students, the young adults, who have given up on the Bible because they see it (particularly the book of Genesis) merely as quaint mythology, so they ask why believe the Bible if its first book is nonsense?  Why suffer the embarrassment?

    Can you blame them?  This is the challenge for church leaders, they must ask themselves why should they expect young inquiring minds to believe the Bible if its first book “has been proven false by science?”  But has it really?  If leaders would take the time to study the many great reasons to believe the book of Genesis, as it clearly reads, then they could light a fire in the minds of the students, igniting their passion for the notion that all of the Bible is true.

    Who wants to be laughed at because of belief in Noah’s Flood?  Well christian students can turn-the-tables on the doubters and mockers with hard science, if only they’d be shown the way, the responsibility of church leaders who are currently asleep-at-the-wheel.  So let’s wake them up, educating them with such as http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, the science of the future, old school man!

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