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    We are writing a new children’s book about young earth creationism now posted at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com/children’s-book/.  Notice we are accepting artwork submitted by the kids to include in the online version, and some of the work will be selected for the hardback addition to follow hopefully soon, so please encourage your kids to participate.

    Knowing that the Bible is a very reliable source of ancient history is very important to Christians, so this resource we trust will cause millions of children to consider the science and archaeology corroborative of the Old Testament, then lending confidence that all of the Bible is true.  It is easy reading for kids and a great primer for adults as well, so we hope you carefully read there to consider the evidence.

    And we would like to hear from publishers who are interested in dealing with the book, which we think will become extremely popular down the road.  The text of the book should be completed in early April, so we await the artwork from interested kids encouraged by their parents, a great opportunity to learn and hone those artistic skills, illustrating real history for the world to know, what a great project for all to see!

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