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    Very important is a good working knowledge of geology to defend the veracity of Genesis scripture, knowing for instance that sedimentary means laid down in water, the vast sedimentary rock layers formed during Noah’s Flood.  And when it’s known that the mountain ranges in fact rose after almost all of the sedimentary layers had been deposited, while the ocean basins sank when Pangea had separated to the current continental configurations, then you certainly realize that the floodwater slid off the continents into the deepened ocean basins at that time of biblical global cataclysm (http://globalflood.org).

    There is a scurrilous teaching from a few theologians who know nothing about geology that the world supposedly had a pre-Adamic race which was destroyed by God, that world made formless and void they say.  Yet with no evidence of that in the geologic column, their claim is not only biblically specious but geologically absurd, and anyway, what would formless and void look like in the geologic column?  Read more here http://detectingdesign.com to see the geologic column and fossilizations caused by Noah’s Flood, and after the flood, the science and archaeology here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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