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    Scientists wonder at the biology of the Caspian Sea of western Asia, both saltwater and freshwater creatures therein, and the same for the Black Sea now connected to the Aegean Sea by the Dardanelles Strait, but anciently the Black Sea an inland lake, as now is the Caspian Sea.  Yet the biblical template explains it all, for during the Ice Age, the water level of the Caspian Sea was about a hundred feet higher, then having flowed down to the inland lake Black Sea, when the River Rhode repoted by Pliny was the outflow to the Aegean from the Black Sea where now is the Dardanelles Strait, the biblical template explaining it all.

    When the Ice Age ended, the sea level of the world ocean rose several hundred feet, rising up through the Rhode River valley to connect to the Black Sea, and at that time, the Caspian already a hundred feet deeper than today, in turn was connected to the world ocean through the Manych Strait to the Black Sea, hence the invasion of saltwater creatures all the way up into the Caspian Sea, that sea now landlocked since the drying with the end of the Ice Age.

    The Dardanelles Strait was named after Dardanus, a great pelasgian king of the Aegean circa 1300 b.c., whose progeny then built mighty Troy, that strait having been recently connected to the Black Sea up the River Rhode (which was named after the Rhodanim of Genesis 10).  The Ice Age had begun to end circa 1500 b.c., not coincidentally the time of the Exodus of the Hebrews out of Egypt, when catastrophic climate change gripped the world, along with the flooding of all the bronze age coastal oceanports, read much more about it all here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, the science of the future, old school man.

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