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    To christian parents of children who are in public schools, where should you tell your kids that real history begins to be recorded in the Bible?  The public (and many private) schools teach that Genesis history is not real history nor good science, so what do you do as a parent?  If you feel that you should tell your children that real history is not in the early portions of Genesis, then you are faced with the problem of saying where it does begin; if not with Noah’s Flood, then what do you do about the Table of Nations?  Do you see your conundrum now?

    Here is the solution http://genesisveracityfoundation.com/children’s-book/, demonstrating science, real history, and the Bible mutually inclusive, in a format which the kids will love and you parents will learn alot too about the basics of biblical apologetics for the Old Testament, all of it, even Genesis, the thrust of the fun little children’s book.  So please read through it carefully, tell your fellow parents about it, and let the kids feel confortable in telling their friends that all of the Bible is true, able to cite some very good scientific and historical reasons in so doing.

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