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    Mortgage Finance Bailout Plan Rejected Voted Down by House Congress Democrats and Republicans Facing Close Tough Re-Election Races American People Don’t Trust Congress or White House Bush Bailout Bill Shot Down Dictates Investigations into Subprime Mortgage Lending Scandal Fannie Mae Freddy Mac Democrats Will be Held Accountable

    The House voted down the compromised Bush plan to bailout the finance companies in trouble with bad subprime loans, with the Republicans voting it down 2 to 1, and almost half the Democrats voting against it as well, and most of those facing tough re-election races in November, so they voted no certainly because their constituents wanted them to, which is a loud wake-up call to Congress from the people to get on the ball to find out how we got in this mess, correct it, and punish those who lent money to bad risks through illegal means.  The American people want a plan to stabilize the markets, but not this one, the plan eventually accepted must include investigations into the root cause of the problem, which has been Democrats fostering and protecting the practice of subprime lending to minorities, including even illegal aliens.  The problem is bad business practices, encourgaged by the Democrats through lending from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, led by Barack Obama’s good buddies Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson, two of his economic advisers in his run for president. 

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