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    House Congress Votes Down Compromise Mortgage Bailout Bill Breaks for Jewish New Year Rosh Hashana 5769 Anno Mundi Bishop Ussher Says 6012 Years Since Creation Seder Olam Rabbah Distorted Timeline Wrong Date for Destruction of Jewish Second Temple of Solomon in 586 B.C. Jewish Calendar Dates from Adam and Eve Creation Week

    With Congress breaking for the jewish new year, Rosh Hashana, after voting down the first compromise mortgage crisis bailout bill today, before sundown when Rosh Hashana begins, people are wondering what’s up with the jewish new year?  It dates from the first day of creation, the date according to the traditional hebrew text on the subject, the Seder Olam Rabbah (written circa 160 A. D.), to have been 5769 years ago, when the heavens and the earth were created, but in the 1600’s A. D., the Irish catholic bishop Ussher counted back the numbering expressedly derivable by piecing together linkages in various chronologies in the Old Testament, hard numbers which put the creation at 6012 years ago, with the six days of creation at 4004 B. C., when time actually began too, when the heavens and earth were created, and so too, then began time as we know it.

    The Seder Olam Rabbah puts the destruction of the Hebrews’ First Temple at about 150 years later than its actual date of destruction by the Persians in 586 B.C., so that alone throws the judaic chronology off from Ussher’s by that amount, therefore, with texts from the centuries between Alexander the Great and the time of Christ missing from the supposed chronology which went from the creation week to about 160 A. D. when the Seder Olam Rabbah was written, it’s pretty clear that it is off, and Ussher’s chronology, taken straight from the Bible, is the more accurate chronology, putting the creation at just over 6,000 years ago, which when applied to the prophecy about Jesus’ incarnation in Daniel 9 in the Old Testament, putting the “annointed one’s being cutoff” when it happened to Jesus, it’s pretty clear that the Judaists after Jesus did want Daniel 9 to match up with Jesus, and so, would take any chronology but that which is in the Old Testament, as deduced and calculated by Bishp Ussher, four centuries ago.

    So Rosh Hashana is a tradition ongoing for at least 5776 years, probably closer to 6012 years, with the “annointed one,” Jesus Christ, having been “cut off” 483 years after the command fot the Temple to be rebuilt in 450 B.C., causing it to all tie together with Ussher’s chronology, but many historical problems with the Seder Olam rendition, which is incomplete anyway, one of the reasons to not put faith in the accuracy of its timeline, although most of the book is certainly accurate. 

    And there is much reason to believe the earth and universe are “only” about 6,000 years old, read many of the reasons in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!.  And demonstrating that the universe has created purpose by the Creator, checkout article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

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