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    John McCain Gets Credit for House Republicans’ Victory Timeline of Bailout Negotiations Week in Congress Credit for Republican Congressional Victory Voting Down George Bush’s Augmented Bailout Plan Goes to John McCain Brought Got House Republicans into the Bush Bernanke Paulson Negotiations Republicans Force Will of the People against Bailout Re Negotiations in Congress after Rosh Hashanah

    Beginning Wednesday, after the jewish new year Rosh Hashana holiday, Congress appears set to start the second attempt at a bailout package, with the Republican dissenters to Bush’s plan now in the drivers’ seat, holding the keys to what will be eventually accepted in the bill, with Wall Street paying for bailout insurance to the federal treasury, lower capital gains tax to encourage investment, any immediate money for liquidity to be loaned to the troubled companies, and repeal of the mark to market method of federal auditing of companies, which lowers the book values of those companies, all which do not require a permanent loss of federal treasury money, which comes out of the taxpayers’ pockets, and puts the burden on Wall Street and market forces through the economic incentive of lower taxes.

    And because John McCain got the House Republicans, who had been ignored, to the negotiation table, only then were they heard, as previously, they were treated as if they didn’t exist, a forgone conclusion, who would surely go along after the scare tactics.  But no, the mail against that bailout plan was about 80% of the electorate, so the Republicans, defying Bush and the Democrats, were on good ground with the public, and so, will be dominant in the upcoming re-negotiations on Wednesday, backed by the American people.

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