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    Last Month of Presidential Campaign Strategy Tactics for John McCain What Must Should Do is Rightfully Attribute Blame to Barack Obama and Democrat Controlled House Congress Blocked John McCain and Republicans’ Attempts to Regulate Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac to Prevent Mortgage Financial Crisis

    The record shows that John McCain and his republican allies in Congress, and even George Bush, tried to institute measures to stop subprime lending to unqualified borrowers, hundreds of billions of dollars worth of loans, many of which have gone bad, many of the notes long since sold to other financial institutions worldwide, who are also therefore now feeling the pain, the proposed measures which were blocked by Barack Obama and his Democrat buddies, as Obama, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, and the other Democrat obstructionists of regulation against Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac (which contributed large amounts to their campaigns), shielded those scandal ridden lenders from scrutiny, as they made there subprime loans to minorities and even illegal aliens who were obviously unqualified for any loan amount, but were granted such, by the lobbying of illegal alien advocate groups such as La Raza, who with ACORN, are creating illegal voter registrations by the thousands, much of which is now being prosecuted in courts in, not coincidentally, many swing states.

    McCain needs to rightly pin it on Obama and the Democrats, forcefully, and in detail, letting the people know that they were right in not wanting to give more booze to the drunk, which is the Democrat controlled Congress which has covered for the affirmative action lending forced on the banking system by the congressional Democrats, and led by Obama, who once defended ACORN in court back in the day in Chicago, just after the days when he was a community organizer, along the model of communist Sal Alinsky, as laid out in his book, Rules for Radicals, the same rules utilized by William Ayers and others on the far left wing.

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