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    Which Democrat Congressmen Voted Down Mortgage Crisis Bailout Package Plan Swing State Battleground Districts’ House Representatives Onboard with Conservative House Republicans Market Based Bailout Strategy with FBI Investigations of Franklin Rains and Jim Johnson Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Barack Obama Campaign Loses Citizens Angry at Bailout Proposal Voter Outrage Democrats in House Vote Down Mortgage Bailout Package

    The rejection of the bailout package in the House of Representatives was in no small part due to the phones ringing off the hook at Democrat congressmen’s offices in opposition to the plan, not because it wasn’t a big enough bailout with not enough earmarks to ACORN and other far left wing groups, as one might expect from Democrat activists, but because even millions in the Democrat party don’t want to spend taxpayers’ dollars to bailout companies which pushed the envelope, dealing in bad lending paper of their own volition, and so now, have run their companies into the ground, and because Democrats, and Republicans, want market forces, such as capital flows into the industry by loans, not gifts, to the companies, and lower capital gains taxes to free up more capital for the finance industry, and corporate solvency insurance, the premiums to be paid by Wall Street, to cause the finance industry and market forces, not the taxpayer, to provide the cash influx to increase liquidity in the financial system.

    The fact that most of these dissenting Democrats, joining the Republicans against the bailout package, are from battleground states does not bode well for Team Obama, because Obama is right in the middle of this scandal, having helped shield Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac from investigation, where his buddies Frankling Raines and Jim Johnson were working their magic, and benefitting from the voter registration fraud being perpetrated on his behalf by ACORN, who the Democrats wanted funding for in the bailout package; the audacity of hope! 

    In Obama’s home state of Illinois, 4 out of the 11 Democrat congressmen voted against the bailout plan which Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd, were pushing, against it because the folks in those congressmen’s districts rang the phones off the hook in opposition to what the Democrat leadership wanted, and in swing states Nevada, Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Missouri, and actually all the states, the same is true, as 40% of the House voted against the bailout package, indicating that their constituents want something more along the lines of what the Republicans in the House are proposing.

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