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    Barack Obama is the face of our current financial woes, he helped ACORN train activists in Chicago to mobilize minorities to demand loans from local banks, even when the minority loan applicants were bad credit risks, millions of them nationally, causing the bad debt to circulate through the system, which now demands our attention, but which was caused by Obama and the Democrats in Congress who protected these bad lending practices through shielding Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac from scrutiny and correction by the Republicans in Congress; John McCain called for oversight many times, which was blocked by Obama and the Democrats, so Obama is part of the problem, and really, the face of the problem, because affirmative action is at the root of this, which obviously has no place in finance, not anywhere else in my opinion, afterall, one of Barack’s heros (but apparently not as big a one as Malcolm X) is Martin Luther King, and he said, “judge not by skin color but by the content of character,” and that’s the way it should be, not giving favorable loan terms to people because of their skin color.

    And actually, because of all this, unfortunately, many black people were hurt when they were encouraged to take-out loans over their heads, being unable to pay back the loans, causing much financial distress for them, encouraged to go into loans over their heads because the lenders made commission off the loans, up front, greedy lenders who figured somebody would bail their company out down the road, which the Democrats expected with the first bailout plan, but rejected by the American people through most of the Republicans and many of the Democrats in the House of Representatives on Monday.

    The FBI is now investigating the players in the mortgage crisis scandal, and with prosecutions from those investigations, and momentum in Congress, among Republicans and some Democrats to get to the bottom of the scandal, that is, who allowed and encourgaged the loose credit allowed and pushed on those who couldn’t pay back, all roads will lead back to Obama and the Democrats as the root cause of the financial crisis in D. C., with one of Obama’s goals always having been, since his days at ACORN, to gain loose credit for low income people because they are black.

    And these loose lending practices even extend to illegal aliens, for whom, by policy, the Bank of America offers mortgage credit, underwritten by Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, run by Obama’s cronies, all this advocated by La Raza, the latino organization which seeks citizen’s rights and privileges for illegal aliens, part of Barack Obama’s voter base, through fraudulent voter registrations by ACORN, which are now being investigated and prosecuted in many electoral battleground states.

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