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    Who to Blame for Mortgage Fraud Crisis Bailout is Democrats’ Community Reinvestment Act Affirmative Action Predatory Lending What Caused Subprime Lending Disaster was Fault of Democrat Congress Protecting Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac Congressional Republicans and George Bush Sounded the Alarm Warned about Housing Bubble Crisis but Barack H. Obama Didn’t Listen to Alerts by Republicans George Bush John McCain Warned about Bad Lending Practices for Illegal Aliens and Unqualified Borrowers

    Barack H. Obama has made a career out of community organizing, that still is essentially what he’s doing now, as the community organizing group ACORN registers thousands of new voters for him, many of them being contested as fraudulent in the courts right now, already bring into question whatever vote total Obama obtains, and Obama is still trying to protect Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, accepting bad notes from lenders as if they were good, then selling them on the open market, as if they were good loans, and now, we face this liquidity tightness as a result.

    Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac were created to take Democrat president Jimmy Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act to a whole new level, intended to incentivize new construction and building rehab in our poorer urban areas, but now, thanks to Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama, who fought against taking corrective measures against the known fraud and loose lending practice with glee at Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, measures which were sought by John McCain and George Bush many times, as the record shows.

    So the blame falls squarely on the Democrats, symbolized by Barack Obama’s career built around pressuring the government for more benefits for blacks, and all too often, citizens’ benefits, including loans, to illegal aliens too, which is bankrupting our system because thousands of those loans were granted to people who certainly were incapable of paying back those loans, but the mortgage lenders and Obama didn’t care, because they figured the government would just bail them out.

    And if you were ever curious about how the ancient Egyptians decided on the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza, then checkout article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, to see one of the reasons that Sarah Palin’s intelligent design creationism does in fact make much sense.

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