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    John McCain has an awesome new campaign tv ad, which I hear you will be seeing often from now until the election, explaining that McCain knew there were problems at Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae, and acted upon this knowledge, seeking that measures be taken, but blocked by Barack Obama and his Democrat pals in the U. S. Senate.  That is probably Obama’s greatest achievement/non-achievement which has had such great impact on our economy.  Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae bought loans which were affirmative action loans (given even to illegal aliens), who could not pay back the loans, in many cases, known to the mortgage lenders, and to their facilitators Fannie Mae and Fannie Mac as well, the whole crew, including Obama and McCain knew what was going on, but only McCain sought to put a stop to it.  Checkmate.  McCain’s campaign staff says that commerical will play often in many states right up to the election, so watch it, and think about it, and google “Fannie Mae Franklin Rains Jim Johnson,” Obama’s buddies.

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