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    While sailing along the north african coast circa 1350 b.c., Jason and the Argonauts were blown off course into Lake Tritonis, a huge yet shallow inland lake now dried up, known today as the Great Eastern Erg, part of the northern Sahara desert, they having entered from the Mediterranean at the Gulf of Gabes, about 150 miles south of Tunis, Tunisia.

    The Chott el Djerid playa lake of salt flats, usually completely dry, is all that remains of ice age Lake Triton on the northeastern end of the Great Eastern Erg near the Gulf of Gabes, the inlet just to the east where Jason and the Argonauts entered Lake Triton about 150 years after the Ice Age had begun to end.  When they entered the lake, it was very shallow, the vegetation around the withering lake already having begun to disappear.

    The Ice Age in North Africa is known as the Aqualithic Period, when rockart depictions now in the Sahara show hippos, giraffes, crocodiles, and horse-drawn chariots, that period ending when the Argonauts were blown off course, the horse-drawn chariots surely replaced by camels within a few centuries after that time.  How can it be more obvious that the Ice Age ended much later than we are being told?  Read much more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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