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    Perplexing to afficianados of the mainstream ancient historical timeline for north Africa is that the Tifinagh writing script of the Berbers is etched on rockart now in the Sahara desert from the Aqualithic period (when there was very significant rainfall), showing humans there with hippos, aurochs, crocodiles, gazelles, and fishing, which was supposedly circa 7000 b.c., yet that writing script was first practiced they say circa 1000 b.c. in the region, a gaping 6,000 year hole in the darwinists’ chronology.

    Tifinagh means language of the Punics, originally the mediterranean canaanite Phoenicians (finagh), namesake of the canaanite king Phoeniusa who lived circa 1500 b.c., yet mainstream historians misguidedly think that the language and writing script arrived with the founding of Carthage circa 1000 b.c., but there in the Sahara is that rockart from the aqualithic with Tifinagh etched in stone, some of that rockart too showing horse-drawn chariots, so they say that was from 7000 b.c?

    The Berber language written in Tifinagh is part of the Ibero-Basque-Libyco-Berber language group, derivatives being the Basque language of Spain, the Berber spoken by the Guanches of the Canary Islands, and of course the Berbers of north Africa, so how could this be?  The language was that spoken by the archaic Atlanteans chronicled by greek Plato, of the Atlas mountain region, the letters Atl having meant water from Atlit Yam now submerged off the coast of Lebanon, to the Atlantic, all the way across to the Nahuatl spoken in Mexico, see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, the science of the future, old school man.

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