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    At the time of greek rule in Egypt circa 200 b.c., about two hundred years after Herodotus had written his ancient history book of Greece and the world, the egyptian priest Manetho, not wanting Egypt to appear inferior, wrote his history Aegyptiaca, listing “dynasties” of the pharohs ostensibly dating back to Menes circa 3000 b.c., and the “time of the gods” before that, leading up to the founding of Egypt.

    The imaginative Manetho wrote his list of kings sourced from oral legends and probably temple records, having compliled all that 2,000 years after the earliest kings actually lived, so upon that flimsy record (called by many such as scholar Sir James Breasted a farce in terms its purported antiquity and its failure to treat kings of the nomes of upper and lower Egypt rightly having lived comtemporaneously rather then consecutively), the darwinists base their contention that Manetho’s kings list proves the history of the book of Genesis false.

    And Berosus the babylonian priest circa 200 b.c., not wanting to be outdone by Manetho and Herodotus, wrote the supposed timeline of ancient Mesopotamia too pre-dating the history of the post-Flood list of patriarchs in the Table of Nations of Genesis 10, recording too before those earliest monarchs of Mesopotamia the list of ten pre-Flood kings, ten of them, actually in line with the ten generations from Adam to Noah and the Flood in the Bible.

    Yet rather than the 1,656 years from the six days of creation to Noah’s Flood indicated in the Bible, the babylonian Berosus wrote that the ten kings reigned a combined 432,000 years leading up to the global flood at the time of Utnapishtim, so how did he come up with that number?  It’s clearly poetic license from the ancient numbers of the mapping system used by the elites of all the ancient cultures, simply explained here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com/earth-measure-geometry, the science of the future, old school man.

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