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    Almost one hundred ancient pole reversals of the earth’s magnetic field are indicated with the alignments of iron-rich minerals in the sedimentary rock layers of the so-called geologic column (which actually varies widely), with one reversal about every five-hundred thousand years (according to the mainstream uniformitarian geologic timeline), back to about 5 million years ago, and deeper in the geologic column, back to “600 million years ago,” one reversal every ten million years, yet mainstream geologists having no explanation for that change of frequency.

    The earth’s magnetic field strength is rapidly declining, measured down 7% through the last 150 years, and magnetisation of iron-rich minerals in Roman pottery indicates the magnetic field strength 2,000 years ago was twice what it is today (conforming with the now measured decline rate), so how could the earth be billions of years old?

    When you consider that ancient lava flows (such as from Steen Mountain) indicate reversals of the earth’s magnetic field during the time it took for those lavas to have cooled to rock, it’s obvious that the ancient reversals were rapid, during Noah’s Flood actually, the rapid sedimentation on the continents at that time thus proven with the model of runaway plate tectonics during Noah’s Flood explained here http://globalflood.org.

    And because the much greater magnetic field strength of the earth just four thousand years ago (perhaps four times what it is today) buffered the earth from cosmic rays which transform N14 to C14 in the atmosphere, carbon 14 dates from that timeframe are greatly exaggerated, in addition to that fact that much more volcanism during the Ice Age (which followed Noah’s Flood) diluted the C14/C12 ratio by carbon 12 in the CO2 gas which belched into the sky.  So clearly the biblical model fills the bill, darwinism and its timeline found greatly lacking once again, further demonstrated here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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