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    Satan in the Garden of Eden asked “hath God said don’t eat the fruit from every tree in the Garden?”  Of course God had told Adam and Eve to eat only not of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, so in a sense, Satan made that point, but with his cunning choice of words, he planted the seed that why should they not eat from that one tree when all the others were ok?  The Devil was suggesting that God couldn’t have meant that.

    So from the beginning, Satan’s goal has been that humans doubt what God says in the Word, the rise (now fall) of darwinism a key tool in the Devil’s arsenal.  We’re not saying that darwinists are satanists (‘though undoubtedly some are), but darwinism has planted the seed of doubt, even “proving” that Genesis is not to be trusted authentic history, the Devil’s minions, out of loyalty to him or blind ignorance, saying of the book of Genesis, “surely God couldn’t have meant that.”

    If Genesis is not real history, then where does real history begin to be recorded in the Bible?  Ask a christian old earth creationist that question, not letting them squirm off the hook, then watch their eyes glaze over in consternation, the slippery slope revealed.  For instance if Noah’s Flood as described in the Holy Bible is not real history, then many more than eight people would have survived whatever the limited flood which the old earth creationists attempt to rationalize, thus the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 would be just superfluous mythology.

    Moses, the Apostle Paul, and many other great leaders in the Bible, not to mention the Messiah Jesus Christ himself, spoke of Genesis as undoubted history, so why would they lie about this unless they were minions of their avowed enemy the Devil?  It’s not as if there are not many great scientific reasons to believe all of the Bible, the problem seems to be that old earth creationists fear the confrontations inherent to true belief in all of the scriptures, and apparently too lazy or stubborn to learn the great reasons for it such as here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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