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    Doubters of that Plato’s Atlantis story is real history say that it was just mythology intended to teach morality, illustrating that noble nations can go bad, yet if just allegory, then why did Plato write that the empire extended inside Gibraltar (the Pillars of Hercules) all the way to Libya and the Tyrrhenian Sea (Italy), and outside along the Atlantic coasts too?

    Plato in his dialogues with Critias and Timaeus used the word nesos (meaning island or peninsula) for the geography of greater Atlantis (not just the ringed canal city), so since some of the empire extended along the western half of the european coastline of the Meditteranean, it’s clear that the “nesos” was the peninsula of Europe, more specifically the tip of it now consisting of Portugal and Spain.

    So the mineral rich mountain range to the north of the ringed canal city of Atlas (Atlantis) is the range of the Sierra Morena mountains, the richest mining district of the ancient world, the ringed canal city now submerged about 30 miles south of Cadiz since the end of the Ice Age.  Learn much more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, to know that Atlantis was real and within the perview of holy scripture.

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