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    Truly comical and quite unbelievable really is that mainstream academics studying the origin of the languages treat the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 as just coincidental after-thought, yet when you analyze the obvious dispersion of the ancient languages from the Middle East, for instance the Indo European (Japhethic) language group spanning from Europe to India, and even out into the Pacific islands, that language group admitted by the mainstreamers to have originated in the Ararat region of eastern Turkey, it’s obvious that the Table of Nations is the only template by which to study the origin of the diverse languages.

    The Pelasgian language (of the line of Shem) from Peleg, spoken by the ancient greek historian Homer and etched in the Lemnos stela, is the root language of modern Albanian, and actually too the mysterious language of the ancient “undecifered” Etruscan script of iron age Italy, so since the Greeks know that the Pelasgians were some of the first settlers of the greek peninsula in ancient times, why can’t the mainstream academics see the obvious connection to the Table of Nations?

    Bibliophobia is the reason most academics refuse to embrace the Table of Nations, for since the template  for the dispersion of the languages (from the confusion of languages at the Tower of Babel) is clear with the biblical model, then the father of Shem, Japheth, and Ham, legenadary Noah, and their wives, were the genetic bottleneck at the Flood which covered the earth, all the languages thereafter having derived from the gene pool, the only human gene pool on earth.

    The Kushitic (Kush son of Ham) language group was spread from southern Mesopotamia across much of western Asia (Khuzistan and the Hindu Kush mountains) from Babel, down the Arabian peninsula too, and across the Horn of Africa to the archaic land of Kush south of Egypt, yet mainstream academics claim that man evolved out of Africa from monkeys, so how do they explain the developement of the languages from the Middle East where all say was their fountainhead?

    The ancient “undecifered” writing of Easter Island of the southeast Pacific, the RongoRongo script, is another prime example of the conundrum facing ancient linguists of the darwinian bent, because one third of the written symbols of that script are virtually identical to the “undecifered” Indus Valley script of northwest India and Pakistan, which actually is vedic Sanskrit (Japhetic) later semitic script replacing the symbols of the Indus script, all of the biblical template clearly, the ancient navigation by this method http://genesisveracityfoundation.com/earth-measure-geometry.

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