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    Is it just coincidence that the great ancient civilizations all sprang up at the same time?  Sumer, Egypt, Greece, the  Indus Valley Civilization, as well as the Xia dynasty of ancient China all developed quickly and at the same time, so is that what darwinism would predict?  And why were the most ancient structures of those civilizations often their most advanced, reflecting sophisticated masonry and even alignments indicating advanced astronomical knowledge of the wobble rate of the earth’s axis?  (Seeing now http://genesisveracityfoundation.com/earth-measure-geometry).

    Diodorus Siculus and other ancient greek historians recorded that the Atlantioi inhabited the Atlas mountain region of northwest Africa, so since Plato wrote that Atlantis was incepted supposedly over 6,000 years before what we know was the date of inception of the other advanced bronze age civilizations, Plato having said that bronze age Greece incepted at that time too, and Egypt a thousand years after that, should we not consider that Atlantis began circa 2200 b.c. when the other bronze age civilizations were actually established?  Does that not make sense?

    If darwinism is true, then why does the record of civilizations match what is written in the Table of Nations in the Bible?  And if darwinism is true, humans having been fully human and speaking languages for supposedly over 100,000 years, then why did they exist as roaming hunter-gatherers for 95,000 years until then having decided all at once to commence the  great building projects of civilizations separated by thousands of miles?  Now just clear the fog from your propagandized mind to see that biblical history matches the archaeological record.

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