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    Newly elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention, Reverend Fred Luter, is a black man with an excellent record of service for the cause of Christ at the Franklin Avenue Baptist church in New Orleans, where racial healing is a point of emphasis in his ministry.  Luter teaches literal Genesis so that his flock recognizes the racist implications of darwinism, realizing in the process from biblical history that all the “races” naturally selected from the eight people who survived through Noah’s Flood.

    Luter’s election is a big step for the SBC, now with an outspoken young earth creationist leading the way, boldly espousing biblical truth with the scientific evidence for it to reach the world with the message that all of the Bible is true, even Genesis!  Skeptics have long believed and gloated that since “the book of Geneisis is just mythology” then why believe the rest of the Bible?  This a logical point of contention if Genesis were in fact demonstrably not real history, but Christians now show that it’s all true!

    Did you know the Ice Age ended actually circa 1500 b.c. at the time of the Exodus?  Now read on at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, and here further under categories Submerged Ancient Ruins and then Catastrophic Climate Change, seeing that science actually does agree with the biblical history when the air is cleared about the false claims of darwinism and uniformitarian geology.  This is the science of the future, old school man, so pass the word, and encourage your pastors to catch the wave, led by intellectual and spiritual pioneer pastor Fred Luter!

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