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    Who was the ancient god of metallurgy named Vulcan?  With an open mind, consider that Tubalcain without the Tu spells Balcain or Vulcan, credence lended to this notion by that the Bible says Tubal-cain formed utensils of iron and bronze, before Noah’s Flood, Tubal-cain’s sister in the book of Genesis having been Naamah, Namu goddess of ancient Sumer.

    When you peruse the material at http://theparthenoncode.com, you’ll see that the ancient Greeks recalled Naamah as Athena, Neith in ancient Libya, the heroine goddess Isis in ancient egyptian lore, who supposedly stopped Atum Ra (Adam) from following through with his threat to flood the earth.  Of course the Egyptians are about the only ancient people group to have denied the global flood, yet Neith/Athena/Naamah was actually Ham’s wife, she one of the eight who survived through Noah’s Flood (the flood of Deucalion in greek lore).

    Athena (Naamah) brought the knowledge of metallurgy through the flood, undoutedly the other seven too having by then known the methodology, yet she treated her brother Tubal-cain who had died in the Flood as a god, Vulcan, worhipped as the one who invented metallurgy for the benefit of humankind, but actually no god at all, just an unrepentant sinner from the pre-Flood world, his knowledge having facilitated more evil before the Flood and after, ‘though along with much good too.

    The Pelasgians of the line of Shem lived throughout the ice age Aegean after Noah’s Flood, also up to the north where are the Balkan (named after Vulcan) mountains, and after the sea level rose when the Ice Age ended, two of their strongholds were Lemnos (where greek mythology says Vulcan was cast down because he was so ugly) and Troy.

    Many of those nautically savvy Pelasgians sailed from the Aegean after the Trojan War to then become the Etruscans of iron age Italy, so they were the source for the name Vulcan later in the mythology of Rome, two thousand years after Noah’s Flood.  Now certainly learn very much more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, the science of the future, old school man, really irrefutable evidene for the veracity of Genesis.

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