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    Before I was banned several years ago from the New York Times science chat-room forum for being too persuasive, my foes there were insisting that the teaching of biblical young earth creationism stunts the scientific method, that students seeing the evidence for the historical accuracy of all the Bible would somehow have retarded their ability to critically think, and therefore that scientific invention and innovation would be hindered in future generations by scientific analysis of biblcial history.

    So I asked those rabid accolytes of darwinism to please name some scientific breakthroughs, inventions, or innovations predicated upon the darwinian model, to which they (after a very long pause) responded “airplane wing designs and traffic flow solutions.”  Hahahaha, that’s the best they could do, their response laughably weak wouldn’t you say?

    The darwinian model clearly has no predictive value (because it’s a very weak hypothesis), born out by their absurd response; the design of bird wings having been copied for airplane wings nothing to do with the supposed morphing of wings onto creeping reptiles, and the logic of their answer traffic flow solutions from darwinism still a mystery to me.

    Major grassroot efforts are now underway presenting biblical history to students as a scientific alternative to specious darwinism, for instance http://creationscience4kids.com, operated by a homeschooling family seeking intellectual honesty for their kids and many others, so support these groups and learn from them, the wave of the future, the science of the future, old school man!  And be sure to checkout the Children’s Book online at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.  Please present it, an alternative model for intellectual honesty, allowing our kids to critically think, not brainwashed by only darwinian dogma.

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