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    Pastors whine that young people in droves are leaving their churches, yet what do they expect?  When they gloss over the real history written in Genesis, nodding with a wink that it really doesn’t mean what it says, not defending with demonstrable science and archaeology the holy writ of our ancient past, then young people seeking answers get tired of the pastors’ intellectual charade in accomodation of the darwinian timeline, asking “if Genesis is not real history, then where in the Bible does real history begin to be recorded?”  Good question wouldn’t you say?

    All educators in the churches could directly and aggressively challenge darwinism, what the young folks are learning in school, through the demonstration that science actually bears out the biblical timeline, not the darwinian timeline, for instance pointing out the submerged and often megalithic ruins found in hundreds of locations around the world (see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com/submerged-ruins-atlantis) prove that the Ice Age ended circa 1500 b.c, that’s over 7,000 years later than the darwinian timeline indicates, so the darwinists incapable of explaining away those many submerged ruins.

    And what about the cause of the Ice Age?  Mainstream scientists have no rational explanation because the only cause possible is that the ocean was warmer, having been heated from below, simple hydrology, yet cloistered mainstream science will not embrace this notion for fear that obviously Noah’s Flood was the historical event which had caused that warmer ocean for the much greater cloud-cover-creating evaporation off it for the much greater precipitation during the Ice Age.

    Pastors could ask rhetorically “so why are there so many ruins of ancient biblical cities now stranded in deserts, did they really build those cities in the middle of deserts?”  Of course they were built when much more rain fell there circa 2000 b.c., during the Ice Age, when the Sahara was in the “aqualithic period,” and the Holy Land was a “land of milk and honey,” all that having begun to end at the time of the Exodus, when the Ice Age had begun to end, certainly strong archaelogical support for all of this, so don’t you think discussing these issues would bring Genesis back to life for seekers of the truth?  Tell your pastors to get with the program please, the science of the future, old school man.

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