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    The fanstasically rich mines of the Rio Tinto region of southern Spain are reputed by many to have been the first and richest source of copper, gold, and silver in the ancient world, there evidence that “neolithic” mining was practiced long before the Phoenicians arrived circa 1100 b.c. to continue the exploitation of the region’s rich mineral wealth, so who mined the region before those Phoenicians arrived?

    Of course the Tartessians are known to have been the first people there, undoutedly among the first to mine the region a thousand years before the Phoenicians arrived across the Mediterranean from Tyre, but who were the Tartessians?  Their ancient name for the great Guadalquiver River flowing into the the Atlantic at Cadiz near Gibraltar was the Tarsisi River, clearly the same name as the Tarshish of the Bible.

    The ancient name for the Rio Tinto River was the Iber, also a biblical figure from the Table of Nations in Genesis, Eber having been the father of the Peleg, namesake of the great seafaring Pelasgians and patriarch of the Hebrews. So when you understand that Atlas, son of Posidon in Plato’s Atlantis, was therefore a grandson of Canaan (Posidon his son Sidon), then you can see that Atlas, Sidon, and Tarshish, were the founders of the Atlantean empire, which Plato said was a coastal empire extending all the way to Italy and Libya, and outside the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) too.

    Plato wrote that a mountain range rich with minerals was to the north of the Atlantean Plain, those mountains obviously the Sierra Morena and Nevada, the richest mining district in the ancient world, the main source of the wealth of Atlantis, where the metals were shipped down the Iber and Tarsisi rivers to the ocean ports of Atlantis, the ruins of which have been found in many locations off southern Spain, the city of Atlantis suspected submerged about 30 miles south of Cadiz since the end of the Ice Age, which actually happened at the time of the Exodus.  Explore here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com/submerged-ruins-atlantis, and be sure to ask your professors why these ruins are not further discussed?

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