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    Many Christians spend more time in the gym than playing with their kids, yet who would deny that playing with the kids can certainly be just as physically strenuous as a good workout, and which has more positive eternal consequences?  Between shopping for chique workout clothes and going back and forth to the gym, Christians spend prodigious amounts of time and money for what in many cases is just vanity, at the expense of their kids and other work which could be done to further the Kingdom.

    The Bible says that physical fitness is important, yet when the sin of gluttony is suppressed, with much physical activity playing with the kids and working charitably, who can deny that the temple of God’s spirit, our bodies, would not be more greatly edified?  And while you’re reading this, just stand then squat deeply, jumping from that crouch, do that thirty times then ask yourself “why go spend all that time and money when I could do so much more with it pleasing the Lord?”

    The Bible says of our day “the fields are white unto harvest but laborers are few,” so in light of this, are ten or twenty hours per week preparing for and going to the gym really a wise use of our time?  Do the heavy lifting for your elderly neighbors, play with the kids and show them how to get in shape, interact with the world rather than with a dumbells at the gym, your life will be much more fulfilled, and your eternal rewards later in heaven will certainly be more than otherwise.

    And teach those around you that all of the Bible is true, even Genesis, you can refer the information here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com to those skeptics who avoid the Bible because they think Genesis is just mythology, and therefore, why believe the rest of the Bible?  Try it, lots of fun, confidently walking in full knowledge that the Savior was not lying when by his Spirit the books of the Bible were written, that we can know our true history, the science of the future, old school man.

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