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    Renowned hebrew scholars of archaeology such as Harvey Weiss at Yale and documentarian Simcha Jacobovici are dancing around the fact that the Ice Age ended actually circa 1500 b.c., yet when they finally do come to this realization, to tell the world, they will be confidently announcing that archaeology does in fact conform to the biblical timeline, further demonstrating that science and the Bible are mutually inclusive.

    Jacobovici’s documentary about Atlantis posits that biblical Tarshish (“the Ships of Tarshish”) and Atlantis were one-and-the-same, historically valid, however not realizing that Atlantis went under circa 1500 b.c. when the Ice Age ended, he says that a tsunami put under the ruins now found in Donana park, just one of many submerged ruins’ sites off the coast of Spain, many of them in deeper water, predicatably not discussed by Jacobovici who still propones the darwinists’s timeline.

    And Harvey Weiss at Yale has demonstrated that a catastrophic climate change all around the world ended the bronze age, when landscapes where cities flourished turned to desert, saying that time was circa 2000 b.c., however those dates are based upon seriously flawed carbon 14 dating and kings lists which included sequentially rulers ‘though many of whom ruled contemporaneously, the case too with egyptian pharohs.

    So with the catastrophic clmate change having begun actually circa 1500 b.c. (described in the Ipuwer Papyrus), and the sea level rise then too, you can see that was the time of the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt, the end of the Ice Age, all confirming the history in the sacred Torah very nicely.  Now read much more http://genesisveracityfoundation.com  about all this, in line with biblical history, science of the future, old school man!

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