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    The norm in scientific thought about the geological history of the earth and its biology shifted to uniformitarian darwinism in the early 1900’s, when biblical history began to be scoffed at by most of the academic elites, yet now, with Atlantis being presented true history, and well known that “dinosaurs” coexisted with humans, plus geology of catastrophism agreed predominant in the geologic record, and Darwin’s term species of no classification value genetically, the tide is turning, the light is coming on, another paradigm shift is on the way, back to the biblical model.

    Thomas Kuhn wrote in his book The Structure of Scienctic Revolutions that evidence against the existing scientific norm mounts until the point is reached when the superior model challenging the existing norm wins the day, when scientists and historians no longer doubt the superiority of the model challenging the norm, which is what we are seeing today, many biologists admitting darwinism is foolish, and geologists now coming to understand that almost all the geologic record is catastrophic in nature, caused by biblical Noah’s Flood (see http://globalflood.org).

    Although christian pastors claiming to believe all of the Bible have not much helped to force critical thinking on these issues to the world, the information is being disseminated, without much challenge from the darwinian establishment, because they know their model is so drastically inferior to the biblical model that they sheepishly refuse to debate young earth creationists, while you would certainly think they’d be eager to do so with much of the world now doubting their paradigm in ever increasing numbers.  Join in the fun, refer http://genesisveracityfoundation.com to all your friends and associates, and let the debates begin!

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