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    Elohim cursed Ham’s youngest son Canaan because Ham unmercifully had mocked the usually well-behaved Noah in his drunken nakedness, Canaan the youngest son cursed for reasons really known only to Elohim, however, when Joshua conquered the land of Canaan circa 1400 b.c., the Holy Land , it was wicked beyond compare, so omniscent Elohim’s plans worked it concert with history, no great surprise there certainly.

    Yet many of the sons of Canaan had moved far away from the Holy Land long before Joshua would conquer it, for instance Sidon having sailed far west to help found Atlantis, his name “immortalized” as Posidon by the Libyans then the Greeks, and another son of Canaan, Sin, namesake of Mount Sinai (northwest Arabia actually Jebel Lawz), was a founder of the earliest Chinese, having migrated far to the east, he the namesake of the city Si’ an, and Sianking, Qin, and then China.

    So the curse fell totally on those who remained in the Holy Land, during the Ice Age actually (see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com), the others such as another son of Canaan too, Heth, namesake of the Hittites, having blended with other nations away from the Holy Land, those who remained there having grown to practice unspeakable wickedness such as the burning of babies at the altar of Moloch, arousing the wrath of Elohim who meted out his justice at the hand of Joshua with the Hebrew army.

    When the Jews finally conquered the city of Jebus, king of the Jebusites (another canaanite tribe), that city previously know as Salem until Shem (Melchizedek) died there, it was not the “City of Peace” as it was when Shem had ruled there, but was controlled by the Canaanites, the Israelites then coming to take control and name it Jerusalem, the coup-de-grats of Elohim’s curse on Canaan, his offspring who had migrated away spared that judgment on the progeny of Ham’s youngest son who had remained in the Holy Land to cultivate their unthinkable wickedess.

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