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    When you see pictures of bronze age ruins of cities now on the shallow seafloor, don’t you wonder why the ocean consumed them?  Look at the submerged ruins off Yonaguni, Japan, or off Pavlopetri, Greece, consider too the old kingdom egyptian port cities Heraklion and Menouthis now submerged near Alexandria on the channel of the extinct Canopic branch of the Nile, so did earthquakes really cause them all to sink into the sea?

    There really is no geological nor historical evidence that earthquakes caused all (or any) of those cities to sink into the sea, but with legends of the encroachment of the sea in the historical records of those tribes, such the Flood of Ogyges in greek lore and the flood at the time of Hotu Matua in the ancient Pacific, and the flooding of Kumari Kandam and Kusushthali in India, and bronze age Atlantis, obvious is the fact that was the end of the Ice Age when the sea level rose a few hundred feet in a century.

    Look at the ruins of ancient cities now stranded in the deserts of the world, do you really thnk those were built under similar meteorological conditions?  Of course not, because when those cities now stranded in the Sahara and the sands of the middle eastern deserts were built, the wadis were streams with pastures and forests full of wild game and domestic stock, when the dense global cloudcover during the Ice Age allowed twenty to thirty inches of rain per year there where now only falls a few.  See much more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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