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    When a kid starts asking you questions about the book of Genesis, do you revel in taking the opportunity to educate, giving real scientific meaning to the history recorded in the foundational book of the Bible?  Or do you sheepishly shrug your shoulders saying those are just old stories meant to teach lessons not to be taken literally?  If you lean toward the latter, for not knowing what better to say, here are some sample questions and how to handle them:

    (Q) How could Noah’s Flood have covered the high mountains?

    (A) The moustains rose at the close of the flood, when the supercontinent Pangea had separated, the water slid off the thickening continents into the deepening new ocean basins.

    (Q) Why did it rain forty days and night?

    (A) When the fountains of the deep spewed magma and water into the sky beginning Noah’s Flood, the water began to deepen, which after forty days had deepened to have carburated the venting of water into the sky.

    (Q) How did they fit all those species of animals on Noah’s Ark?

    (A) Darwin’s term species has no meaning genetically, because such as camels and llamas can interbreed, proving they are of one biblical kind, a syngameon.

    (Q) What caused the Ice Age?

    (A) After Noah’s Flood, the ocean was warmer, so more clouds formed by evaporation off the ocean’s surface.

    (Q) How did they sail all over the world after Noah’s Flood?

    (A) They nagivated by the ever changing positions of the stars, knowing the wobble rate of the earth’s axis affecting the stars’ positions, see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com/earth-measure-geometry.

    You can see that the Bible has many commonsense answers for kids, and see more reading the Children’s Book at the foundation website.  Give satisfying answers to those around you seeking truth in the Bible.  It all makes sense once you take a little time to grasp the concepts.

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