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    They laugh that Noah’s Flood must have covered mountain ranges such as the Himalayas even ‘though the geology tells them that the mountains of sedimentary layers were uplifted after those layers had been laid down in water, by definition sedimentary, so once this fact is made clear that the mountain ranges rose after the layers of sediments composing them had been deposited, then it’s obvious that Noah’s Flood fills the bill, much to the chagrin of the uniformitarians.

    Read much more about the dynamics of the flood and the dating of it here http://globalflood.org, and to see the geomorphology of the earth during the Ice Age which followed the geothermal event Noah’s Flood, be sure to checkout http://genesisveracityfoundation.com, making sense of the fact that bronze age ruins are now found in vast deserts, from the time when those regions were green with pastures and streams, and great inland lakes which long since have all dried up.

    After Noah’s Flood, when the ocean was much warmer than today, the dense cloudcover immeditiately was dumping much snow in the extreme latitudes and much rainfall where now are deserts such that remnant floodwater trapped in basins such as that of Lake Chad and the Great Salt Lake were greatly enhanced by the heaving precipitation during the Ice Age, present day deserts then were lush with greenery fed by rainfed artesian springs, where now are mere wadis.

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