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    Noah’s Flood could be and oftern is called a supernatural event in that it was castastrophic, like none before nor since, yet it was natural in that an expoded planet between the orbits of Jupiter and Mercury caused meteor showers which probably set off the runaway tectonic plate movements during the flood year, one legend from India that a planet appeared in the sky, was soon as big as an elephant, then hit the earth beginning the Flood of Manu, which was Noah’s Flood.

    The geologic column actually bears stark testimony to that catastrophe caused by the exploded  planet, the flood caused sedimentary layers of the earth covering entire continents with many billions of mostly marine creatures entombed therein, clear evidence that the ocean had been up on the continents, the mountains risen at the close of the flood, what the geology actually indicates when examined with unbiased eyes.

    Ancient flood legends abound in most all ancient cutures, of a flood which covered the whole world, so what are the odds that all the ancient world knew of the global flood if it were not true?  Just because bibliophobic geologists don’t look at the geologic column seeing the flood does not mean it’s not the case, and when challenged to debate, the uniformiarian advocates avoid debating creationists at all costs.  See much more here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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