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    Many large “prehistoric” animals such as elephants, reindeer, and huge oxen (aurochs), roamed the southern plain of Spain during the Ice Age, and Plato confirms elephants in his Atlantis story, when that international maritime empire voyaged in trireme ships with bronze implements, the bronze age and Ice Age clearly one and the same, comporting with the biblical chronology, causing consternation in the darwinists’ camp.

    A breed of elephants once roamed the Atlas mountains of northwestern Africa, recently extinct, probably of the same stock as the Atlantean elephants, the use of those elephants unstated in Plato’s story, but probably a food source like the ice age hunters in many other parts of the world, eating too no doubt the reindeer and oxen which were prevalent in atlantean Spain, real history http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    Plato used the word nesos to describe the geography of the empire of Atlantis, the same word nesos found in Peloponnesos, the peninsula which is Greece, so Atlantis was an ice age empire, coastal in nature, which as Plato said extended inside Gibraltar all the way to the Tyrrhenian Sea and Libya, and outside Gibraltar as well, the Iberian peninsula, the home base of Atlantis with ruins of cities now found on the seafloor south of Cadiz.

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