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    The concept that christian believers are parts of the Body of Christ is a strange notion to unbelievers.  Jesus is in heaven ‘though his body is here now on earth, his body of believers in him doing his bidding here, his ambassadors from the homeland of righteous eternity where the Father carries out his plans as the six thousand year old creation prepares for big change, when the Lamb of God will appear as the Lion of Judah.

    Satan and his minions know what’s in store for them according to biblical prophecy, they can read, so knowing that their fate is bleak, they do as much damage as possible before the inevitable occurs when their eternal damnation is realized, but ’til then, the Body of Christ maintains as the “salt of the earth,” a preservative, for when the Christians will be gone, unbelievers will have their land without God, and it will not be nice.

    Prayer is the sinew of the Body of Christ, believers praying thankfully to God, asking for help, and praying for others, when Elohim often reveals secrets and grants miracles to those honestly seeking him, lovingly responding to the needs of his Body, as a witness to the world that he loves his children and proves it to them.  The world is in a fallen state yet Elohim works love through it, awaiting the day that all will be made right.

    The Kingdom of the creator is not of this world, it’s of the world to come, yet now it is foretasted by believers, joy and reassurance of life in the Messiah manifested to the unbelievers to consider.  We are not all children of God, for Jesus told the pharisees that their father was Satan.  Jesus believed all of the Word, after all, he is the Word, so consider that all of the Bible, even Genesis, is true, http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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