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    Pelagones of Pelagon Son of River God Axius of Macedonia Were Pelasgians of Biblical Peleg

    In Macedonia is the Vardar river, anciently known as the Axius for the river god of that name, his son known as Pelagon, patriarch of the Pelagones, also known as the Pelasgians.

    The suffix ski in polish is like the skoi in ancient greek, meaning the progeny of  . . . . ,” so apparently the word Pelasgian is from the ancient name Pelagskoi, meaning the progeny of Pelag or Peleg.

    In Uzbekistan is the Oxus river, named for the ancient river god there Wakhsh or Vaksu, same etymological root as the Axius in Macedonia.

    Peleg was well known in the Mediterranean, so needed to be rationalized with their ancient pagan pantheon, while on the slopes of the western Himalayas, there was no memory of Peleg, a famous mariner in the ice age Mediterranean along with such as Sidon, Javan, and Tarshish.


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