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    Answers in Genesis Ken Ham Probably Facing Decision Time on Noah’s Ark Encounter Project

    Despite spotty and often contradictory information coming from Answers in Genesis about the Ark Encounter project, and years of postponements, the best guess is that they have about 35 million dollars to spend, 26 of it raised with the bond issue, 3 million from AIG which had to purchase that much of the bonds to meet the 29 million dollar minimum participation to proceed (reported Mike Zovath), and perhaps 6 million or so remaining of the 15 million they have raised from donors over five long years.

    Several weeks ago, Ken Ham said they’d scaled back the project to 30 million dollars from 72 million, so ‘though the project may indeed begin soon, it’s hard to imagine it scaled back that much to be anything like they’d originally planned, unless a money floodgate opens up.

    They should instead do a movie, call it Ark Encounter, show all that they would with the original Ark Encounter idea and much more, including computer animation of the Flood, and then the dispersion of the tribes noted in the Table of Nations during the Ice Age into all the world.


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