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    Tel Aviv Professor Israel Finkelstein Says Entire Bronze Age World Crumbled Time of Exodus

    Israel Finkelstein says that the entire bronze age world crumbled circa 1200 b.c., evident by the transition of pollen in Galilee lake sediment cores from oak, pine, and carob to pollen of semidesert types of vegetation, that period of desiccation (because of reduced rainfall) over several centuries.

    Atlantis was bronze age, come to ruin by the sea level risen, obviously when the climate was drying out, when the Ice Age was ending, the sea level rise at the time of the Exodus and the results of the drying really felt shortly thereafter.

    Scientists are realizing that climate change was global, having caused many ancient cities’ sites to turn to desert, clearly the end of the Ice Age, but a tough pill to swallow for the uniformitarians.


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