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    Canopus Egypt Not Submerged for Pilot of Menelaus Died There so City Named for Him

    Canopus is sometimes said to be of the submerged ruins in Aboukir Bay near Alexandria, but the ruins of Canopus are onshore at the tip of the peninsula forming the western bound of the bay, named for Menelaus’ pilot Canopus circa 1100 b.c., after the Ice Age had ended.

    Some say Canopus was built before that, but the ancient Egyptians’ name for the town which was built there was Pikuat, and there was no town when Menealaus and Canopus had arrived, so it was named for the greek ship pilot, built after he died there by snakebite, the Egyptians having given it their own name.

    During the Ice Age (before Canopus), the big port cities there at the western mouth of the Nile were Heraklion and Menouthis, now submerged in Aboukir Bay since the time of the Exodus.


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