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    Megalithic Builders of Tarxien Gigantija Malta of Tarshish then Dominated Post Ice Age Spain

    The underwater stone structures submerged three miles from shore off Sliema, Malta, of Gebel Gol Bahar, look like the megalithic stone ruins onshore there of for instance Gigantija and Tarxien, proving that Malta was settled during the Ice Age, Tarxien of Tarshish a son of Javan (Ion).

    Clearly a dominant culture in that region at the time circa 2000 b.c. (not 5000 b.c. as the uniformitarians surmise), many of those Tarxiens moved west later when the Ice Age ended circa 1500 b.c., to take over the inland territory of Atlantis, its coastal territory submerged, what remained then having become known as Tartessos.


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