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    Philadelphia Pennsylvania Attorney Philip “Phillip” Berg Lawsuit Update 10/28/08 Barack Hussein Obama’s Birth Certificate Scandal Legal Stonewall Jeff Schreiber America’s Right Reports Philip “Phillip” Berg Will File Maybe by Friday 10/31/08 Halloween Trick or Treat for High Court Justices Face Presidential Constitutional Qualifications Crisis Violation Issue Case Question Lawyer Philip Berg Goes to Supreme Court on Friday Perhaps

    Philadelphia attorney Philip Berg may be ready to file his appeal to the Supreme Court on Friday, Oct. 31, Halloween, so the trick or treat will be in the hands of the Supreme Court justices, who must decide whether or not Barack Hussein Obama must prove his natural born U. S. citizenship status, which is now contested because the evidence indicates Obama was born in Kenya, and later became a duel citizen of Indonesia, and perhaps naturalized as an American citizen too, we just don’t know, because Obama is hiding his birth and citizenship records.

    Read more about this outrageous case, which is not being covered by the mainstream media, and the conversation which Jeff Schreiber had with Berg about it today at http://CitizenWells.wordpress.com, and stay up to date with the latest on the various Obama scandals at the also excellent http://AtlasShrugs2000.typepad.com, to know the many reasons Obama’s presidency would really start off on the wrong foot, so he must be defeated overwhelmingly at the polls, so let’s overcome the widespread voter fraud by Obama’s ACORN corruption in voting for McCain/Palin, we can’t reward Obama’s deceit.

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