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    The Gallup Poll now shows Obama leading McCain 47% to 45%, so it’s pretty clear that  Obama will not make 50% on Nov. 4, as more is being made known about B. Hussein (aka Barry Soetoro), because the left wing media is now being forced to cover the Obama scandals, due to the blogosphere’s having made the information available to the public, which is now demanding some answers from Team Obama and his allies in the left wing mainstream media, who are now scrambling to rationalize their ignorance of these issues up ’til now, causing Obama’s lead to erode, steadily, which could easily cause Obama to finish at around 45%, with McCain taking almost all the rest; a landslide for McCain, what we need, because Obama probably already has a million vote lead by ACORN voter fraud and the disallowance of perhaps 500,000 military votes on technicalities, no doubt flagged by Democrat operatives knowing that McCain leads Obama 3 to 1 in the military vote, as polled by the Military Times.

    Team McCain is demanding that the LA Times release the tape of Barack Obama at the Arab America Action League’s dinner banquet for Rashid Khalidi, former spokesman for the PLO, which seeks to destroy Israel, and such sentiments were uttered by Khalidi and others on the tape, with Obama sitting in agreenent in the small exclusive banquet meeting.  The release of the tape would further drive-down Obama’s poll numbers, particularly with terrorists William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn also in the banquet audience, agreeing that the PLO should takeover Israel, but even if the LA Times doesn’t release it, the flames of the public’s perception that the mainstream media is in-the-tank for Obama are only fanned, so the LA Times won’t win either way, and therefore, should go ahead and release the tape to salvage their already badly damaged reputation, which is not much better than the New York Times,’ the NYT’s which has recently been classified as a junk investment by Standard and Poors.

    Obama has a new tv ad which tells his supporters to ask for the day off from work or school on Nov. 4 to go do election day work for Team Obama, which probably will not go over well with bosses and co-workers for McCain/Palin, so look for a backlash here too, with many business owners granting the day off for McCain supporters to go out and work for Team McCain on election day, if they allow the Obama people to have the day off to work for their guy. 

    For the latest on the Obama scandals, checkout these fine websites:




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