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    Pennsylvania State Court News Admission Filing Whistle Blower Anita Moncrief ACORN Worker Admits Voter Fraud Deliberate Lack of Screening Crosscheck Standards Systematic Racketeering Election Registrations Bogus Fraudulent Admissions Project Vote Anita Moncrief Turns In Reports to Pennsylvania State Court 10/28/08 ACORN Manager Washington D. C. Office Says Association of Community Organizing for Reform Now Has Deliberately Practiced no Oversight of Voter Registrations’ Legitimacy of Presidential Election against John McCain Called into Question Dispute Election Fraud by Project Vote

    Anita Moncrief, worker in the ACORN office in D. C. from 2005 through 2008, has come forward in state court in Pennsylvania, blowing the whistle against ACORN’s systematic voter registration fraud, in not inspecting any of the registrations for legitimacy, and then flooding the election system with the hundreds of thousands of bogus registrants, some of those registrants already processed as votes, in states where you can register and vote in the same week, so this will flush the likes of Olbermann, Matthews, and Blitzer, out of the bushes, so to speak, forcing their hand to admit that Obama stands to benefit by perhaps half a million votes, because of voter fraud criminally institutionalized by Obama’s patrons at ACORN, through Project Vote, the branch of ACORN for which Ms. Moncrief worked, and I can safely say, no longer works.  

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