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    Fox News Promises Coverage Washington D. C. Alert Philip Berg Case 10/29/08 Update Latest It’s Official Confirmed Philip “Phillip” Berg Will File Legal Appeal Thursday Oct. 30, 2008 Federal Lawsuit at Supreme Court Washington D. C. Birth Certificate Fraud Case Prove Natural Born Citizen Status Rally Scheduled for Philadelphia Attorney Philip Berg’s Arrival at U. S. Supreme Court Steps 10/30/08 Thursday Washington D. C. Supporters Needed Requested Turnout Signs Loud Voices for John McCain Challenges Barack H. Obama Must Prove He’s Qualified to be Democrat Presidential Candidate Nominee for Oval Office

    It’s official, Philip Berg will file his appeal at the Supreme Court in Washington D. C. tomorrow, October 30, the exact time to be announced at http://CitizenWells.wordpress.com, so keep checkng there for the time, and you folks in D. C., make the signs suggested at Citizen Wells to rally at the Supreme Court steps when Berg arrrives there tomorrow.  This is big, Fox News will be there to film the whole thing, so you folks too who know people in D. C., contact them so they can be there at the rally, sometime tomorrow, keep checknig at Citizen Wells for the exact time.

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