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    Barack Obama’s Halloween Plans Where Will Trick or Treat Hyde Park Chicago Neighborhood with His Daughters and Maybe Terrorist William Ayers and Islamic Black Liberationist Louis Farrakhan Barack Obama Halloween Costumes George Bush Dick Cheney John McCain Outfits for Chicago Trick or Treating Barack Obama with Daughters and South Side Chicago Gouls and Goblins Neighbors

    Barack Obama is spending Halloween with his daughters in Chicago, no doubt with Michelle there too, and rumor has it that Obama is going out to trick or treat in a John McCain outfit, with his neighbors, terrorist Bill Ayers and muslim black liberationist Louis Farrakhan, coming along in their Dick Cheney and George Bush costumes respectively, so secret service will certainly have a nightmare on their hands, and with those costumes, in liberal Hyde Park, Chicago, you’d think they’ll get more tricks than treats when they knock on the doors.  No word yet if their trick or treating will be covered by the media.

    And here are two great websites for the latest on Obama:



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