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    Hundreds of protesters marched outside the LA Times offices yesterday, demanding that the liberal rag newspaper release the tape of Barack Obama at the Arab American Action Network banquet in 2003 with terrorists William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, and ex PLO spokesman Rashid Khalidi, where it’s reported that they equated the nation of Israel to al Qaida, wanton terrorists, when in reality, Israel is only fighting for her very existence.  The LA Times could at least release the full transcript of what is said on the tape, but they won’t even do that, because the original article about the event written last spring, during the Democrats’ primary, was no doubt published to help Hillary, but now, it’s a huge vulnerablity for Obama, with all the attention on it, and so, the American people are once again vividly reminded of the extreme left wing mainstream media bias for B. Hussein Obama, who is slipping in the polls by the day.

    And with early absentee balloting in California and Florida looking very good for McCain, running even with Obama in Cali, and leading by 4% in Florida, the writing is on the wall for the liberals’ ill-fated hopes, now having to deal with Fox News’ Griff Jenkins’ ambush interview of Rashid Khalidi at an elevator in New York City yesterday, presumably at Columbia U., where Khalidi was none to pleased to see Griff, and hear the few questions which he was able to quickly utter before Khalidi hid in the corner of the elevator, awaiting the door to finally close.  It looked real bad for Obama, like Khalidi was certainly hiding, for good reason, he’s just one of a long line of islamists whom B. Hussein has befriended, rendering his claim vacuous that he is a Christian who naturally would support Israel, in oppostion to his actual goals with Rashid Khalidi and Islam.  

    And to know how the ancients, way before Islam, measured the earth, then checkout article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, to realize the origin of our nautical mile mapping and timekeeping system.

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