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    Ben Smith Politico Rebuts Refutes Debunks (Not) Rumors Lawsuit Supreme Court Apppeal Challenge Philip “Phillip” Berg Pennsylvania Barack Hussein Obama Barry Soetoro Indonesia Kenya Natural Born Citizen Controversy Birth Certificate Fraud Citizen Wells Calls Out Ben Smith Editor of Politico Website in Bed with Team Barack Hussein Obama of Kenya

    Ben Smith has responded to the allegations that Obama is hiding his true legal birth status, claiming at his Politico blog that Philip Berg’s lawsuit is specious because Obama has supposedly proven that he’s a natural born citizen of the United States, which certainly is not the case, and thereby demonstrates that Smith and his Politico are but tools of the left, not to be trusted, as he obfuscates the real issue, where is the proof that Obama is a natural born citizen of the United States?

    Smith has raked http://CitizenWells.wordpress.com over the coals for reporting this as serious news, and now, if you click on the link, Citizen Wells has called out Smith, challenging him to respond to his call, so we shall see if Smith hides, or addresses the issues raised by Citizen Wells and Philip Berg in his lawsuit, soon considered at the Supreme Court.

    The evidence actually indicates that Obama was born in Kenya, then came to America, and then was certainly adopted by Lolo Soetoro, to become a citizen of Indonesia, named Barry Soetoro, so he’s a duel citizen at best, which in-and-of-itself renders Obama not qualified to be president, and since the evidence indicates he was actually born in Kenya, he may not even be a naturalized citizen of the U. S., but really an illegal alien, never having gone through the naturalization process for U. S. citizenship.

    Update:  If you’ll google Frank Marshall Davis Obama, you’ll see that “Frank” from Dreams of My Father could well be Obama’s real biological father, much resemblance there, whereas Obama looks really nothing like Obama Sr., so that the president’s real father perhaps was a famous communist black liberation spokesman and poet, Frank Marshall Davis, could be the reason Obama doesn’t want his birth certificate made public.

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