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    Sluice of Dardanelles Marmaras Bosporus Waterway Poses Ice Age End Timeline Problems

    Because of the sedimentary core sample evidence that the world ocean poured into the freshwater Black Sea basin much more rapidly than the slow sea level rise with the end of the Ice Age proposed by the uniformitarians, such as Ryan and Pitman have posited that the Hellespont isthmus was a wall of rock which kept out the rising world ocean until it finally eroded through where today is the Bosporus strait, then pouring through into the basin.

    But the Bosporus is a long channel, and below it a long channel too, the Dardanelles (the sea of Marmaras in between), so obviously it was the outlet from the ice age lake down into the world ocean which was a few hundred feet lower, the ocean risen about three feet per year up what could have been Pliny’s river Rhode (the Rhodanim of Genesis 10).


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