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    Ken Ham Says Timbers Cut Ready to Transport and Assemble Ark Encounter with Wrong Cubit

    Ken Ham says the timbers for the Ark Encounter project have been cut-to-fit in Colorado, now ready to transport to Kentucky to begin assembly, so it’s not too late for Ham to admit he chose the wrong cubit, a five foot addition to the length of his Ark all that’s needed.

    Ham chose the Nippur cubit of 20.4 inches, one of several of varying lengths in the ancient world, yet the cubit length used for the Great Pyramid and later for Solomon’s Temple is the royal cubit of 20.632 inches, the manifestation of earth measure (geometry) by its axial precession rate.

    In using the wrong cubit Ham is squandering his capacity to teach how the ancients measured and mapped the earth during the Ice Age after Noah’s Flood, a valuable teaching tool lost for reasons known only to Mr. Ham, but we can guess those reasons to not include solid science and sense of history.


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